The usage of too many skin care products may indeed cause more harm to the skin, such as a compromised skin barrier, sensitivity, redness, inflammation and, in some instances, acne. Many are confused by the continual bombardment of information about new skincare products & their ingredients, which pushes them to purchase even more products than they require and as a result, overdo it. This can in turn disrupt the skin's pH balance and cause it to become more damaged.  When the skin is overworked, it basically gives up, and therefore, we never see the results of the products we're applying.

Enter: Skinimalism, the practice emphasizing a minimal and sustainable skin care routine. It focuses on holistic formulations and quality over quantity, thus enabling your true skin to shine! It's all about simplifying and being more conscious about your daily skin care regime.


A well formulated, single, multitasking product can include multiple active ingredients that do wonders for the skin. Also, as consumers, blending many one-ingredient products to obtain the same result is nearly impossible! This is why we, at Cerene, believe that it's all about going back to the basics, embracing the potential of multitasking products, and ultimately committing to a more sustainable skin care regime.

Skinimalism - focuses on healthy balanced skin, saves time and effort, easier on the pocket, better for the environment

To give an all-natural glow with a healthy, nourished complexion, no matter how simple or elaborate your routine is, it must include these steps:

Skinimalism - Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize and Protect
Simply put, skinimalism means "use what your skin needs at the moment". Trust that your skin is an incredible organ that will rejuvenate itself over time without the need of a plethora of products!