Welcome to the World of Cerene!

Cerene - a word play on ‘Serene’ - evokes feelings of calm, peace and tranquility, all of which are in line with the message we aim to convey through our brand. Our mind and body are connected, whether we believe it or not, and they need to be in sync in order to function optimally. Stress and tension can trigger physical discomfort in our bodies and also aggravate existing health conditions. The same idea holds true when the situation is reversed. It's remarkable how our minds and bodies communicate with us, and de-stressing on a regular basis helps us decipher their signals and act on what we need in order to be healthy. Despite the chaos in our lives, we encourage our consumers to carve out some ‘me-time’ from their schedules, to unwind and practice self-care by following a simple skincare routine.

Serene also means an expanse of clear sky or calm sea, implying that skincare is more than just products. It is an act of self love. When we act in ways that expand self-love in us, we come to accept all our perfect imperfections. This means we stop being too hard on ourselves and recognize that we are all here for a bigger purpose: to learn and grow every day.

Thus, we urge to use skincare routines as rituals to enhance love for ourselves, our lives and the people around us.

“Conscious self-care” - The need of the hour.

Conscious self-care entails learning, reflecting, and maintaining a routine that allows us to thrive. Skin being the largest organ of our body, makes it vitally important for us to know what we're putting on our skin and also mindfully choosing selective products that are suitable for us, while remaining environmentally responsible. This is why the importance of clean, transparent and non-toxic skin care products cannot be overstated.

Conscious Self-Care 101: Know what you put on your skin, choose the right products for YOU, commit to a more eco-conscious and sustainable routine, practice gratitude and mindfulness

On a deeper level, skin care also helps us feel as though we're appreciating ourselves aesthetically by taking a few minutes out of our day to pamper ourselves. If spent in a rhythmic, serene and intentional manner, those few minutes can almost be considered a meditative experience! Thus, we encourage the holistic approach of a "Glow up" - both physically and psychologically.